Established in 1781, Phillips Exeter Academy is one of the oldest schools in the United States. Exeter commissioned The Propeller Group to rebrand their school leveraging the historic roots but bringing them into the 21st century. As a team member of the Propeller Group, KCS created an extensive, modular, yet consistent system focused around the school’s three initiatives of service, athletics, and education. We created an identity system that works across all colleges yet allows for individual autonomy. KCS designed multiple brand touchpoints such as brochures, websites, swag, athletic gear, signage, environmental graphics, stationery, all personalized to the specific college within the school.

Designed at

The Propeller group

Art Direction

Rick Rabe & Adrian Pulfer


Co-design with Stephen Bramwell, Chris Mann, Gloria Pak


Lyon, Grafik, Custom Lettering


Graphis Design Annual 2017