Terra, 3/7 in the 7 days series, is inspired by map insurance lettering. The text is taken from the first few verses in genesis on the creation, suggesting the infinite possibilities to create using neenah paper. The border spells out “let the earth bring forth,” with the borders representing the seasons of the year. Top left to right represents winter to spring, as you see the type begin to blossom. Bottom left to right represents summer to fall, with fruits burgeoning on the left and then foliage wilting as you move to the right. The negative space around “terra” creates a subtle circle, another nod to the concept of earth. Terra is printed in 14 versions, including a laser etching on 1/2″ thick cherrywood. All posters are 16″ x 20.” available for purchase here.

Designed at

Kevin Cantrell Design


Neenah Paper


Gotschall Engraving, Big Secret

Creative Consulting

Arlo Vance
Spencer Charles


All Custom Lettering


TDC 61, Typography 36
CommArts Typography Annual, 2015
FPO Awards 2013-14 Best of Foil Stamping