Star Union Spirits

Behold, your salvation! Presenting Star Union Spirits; no Dividing deeds shall halt the tide of her invention. Icons may crumble, truth may be impugned, till prosperity and spirits prevail. Out of a post-industrial chasm emerged a tide of reinvention, champion of Midwestern entrepreneurialism in the form of an artisanal, small-batch distillery. Operating out of the historic Westclox factory, Star Union Spirits is reinvigorating specialty craft spirits. Inventive in that can-do Midwestern way, SUS distills new American Brandies, Grappas, Whiskies & Vodka. KCS designed a comprehensive brand standards across multiple brand touchpoints including copywriting, packaging, print collateral, typography and brand identity to create a brand as rich and vibrant as the Star Union story.


Kevin Cantrell Studio


Satellite Office


Custom lettering, Custom type design,  Sackers Gothic, Knockout, Tiempos Text