Château Grande Hotel

The Château Grande offers an extraordinary level of refinement in a destination setting for weddings, executive retreats, and corporate events. Positioning the brand as the place to celebrate life’s biggest moments, Satellite Office and the Kevin Cantrell Studio developed a comprehensive branding system for The Chateau Grande Hotel. The system included: brand strategy, narrative, and naming; design of primary & secondary marks, monogram, custom typography, brand patterns, animation, and website design. We pulled the identity through the hotel signage, wayfinding, check-in/out, in-room accouterments, and advertising. We also developed naming and identities for the hotel’s restaurant, catering, bar, and café.


Creative Direction, Design, Lettering, Type Design


Chateau Grande Display, Metric, Chronicle Deck Display


TDC 68


Typography: Andrei Robu


Design and Photography Art Direction: Miguel Cano